Consolidated experience

40 years of experience

Geosystems is a Computer Services company operating since 1979 in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) both as a software development company and as a service provider in the areas of expertise.

The company has over 40 years of experience in projecting and implementation of systems where the geographic information component integrates with the rest of the information through IT systems to enable maximum knowledge of objects, events and rules that are spatially placed in the areas of expertise.

It is the longest-running Italian company operating in the field of territorial IT.

Areas of activity


The company is able to provide a highly qualified service, professional and innovative in the many areas affected by the application of IT techniques with special reference to those that are related to the management of spatial information.

Services and Tools

Innovative solutions

Geosystems teams are engaged in daily projecting, development and implementation of software systems and in the research of innovative solutions, that allow to increase the efficiency and the functionalities of geographic systems and their best performance, both from fixed workstations and mobile devices.

  • Technical analysis according to the latest methodologies and developments framework
  • Development Teams control and "Lesson Learnt" and "Best practices" sharing, even through regular meetings and cross-over of the members of the analysis and development teams
  • Use of Test Driven development method for the best quality control of the results and elimination of possible regression errors during development
  • Extensive use of cooperation protocols between components
  • Connection with Universities and Research Centres