Founded in Florence in 1979, Geosystems has maintained over time its vocation of company specializing in the application of IT techniques to land management, resulting in the oldest Italian company operating in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Its mission is to enrich every computer application with the concept of WHERE, in each application sector and for each type of user, public bodies or private companies, in Italy and abroad, together with an increasingly detailed and realistic view of the territory.

In 2000 the Company joined the Intersistemi Group, using the technological expertise of the group to evolve the range of its services. Opens an headquarter in Rome and extends its areas of intervention throughout the national and foreign territory.

In 2018 it acquired the company InMedia Technologies, also belonging to the Intersistemi Group, extending its expertise to the field of cross-media infomobility.


Development Team

Distributed across locations but always connected through the company’s IT infrastructure, development teams base their work on a DEVOPS methodology, that allows to track all activities from projecting to post-delivery maintenance, minimizing the possibility of code regression errors and providing leaders with a thorough control of activities and possible criticalities, in order to anticipate them with the necessary corrective actions.

When not differently requested by customers, the work is based on the framework Agile SCRUM.

Technology and knowledge

Development teams master all major GIS technologies, both industrial and open-source, as well as a wide range of databases, frameworks, libraries, and programming languages.


We can count on the specialist support of the parent company Intersistemi ItaliaItalia spa and on the synergies with other Group companies for the projecting and development of new products and services as well as for the logistical support necessary to cover the entire national territory.